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Credit Card Machine – The Best Tool for Your Business

Installing a credit card machine in your store changes many things. One of them is transaction efficiency. It improves the transaction speed, which gives your customer positive experiences. For that reason, using the best machine in this category is necessary for you who also want to get the best result. For that reason, we will learn more about this machine so you can use it for your business benefits.

The Best Credit Card Machine

Many brands and companies have released various types of credit card machines. However, most of the merchants and stores admit that these two are the best of the best. They are Clover and VeriFone credit card machines. Let’s see what those two credit card apparatus providers can give to you.

  • Clover Credit Card Machine

Clover provides five types of machines for your store. They are Clover Go, Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Station, and Clover Station Pro. It goes from the basic to the advanced respectively. However, the basic product, which is Clover Go, has everything that you need for improving your transaction engagement with your customer. For example, it has a Bluetooth connectivity feature for using it with your mobile device.

That portability feature also becomes one of the best things you can get from Clover products. You can pair it with an iOS or Android device, which makes it possible to use it as a portable credit card machine. It is small and easy to carry around.

Best of all, all those products use the Clover POS system. It said that this is one of the best transaction systems ever created. It offers various features, autonomous functions, and a simple interface, so you can use it without problems. Plus, it helps you to do other business activities, like inventorying and recording your transaction.

  • VeriFone Credit Card Machine

Verifone is also another brand that you can count on when you are looking for a good-quality device for processing a credit card transaction. This company provides five types of credit card processing units. They are mobile, countertops, PIN pad, Multilane, portable/transportable, and unattended units.

All those products have similarities between each other. Verifone emphasizes its flexibility over other aspects. It improves your productivity. More importantly, all of them are also easy to use. Furthermore, each of those credit card processing units also uses the latest technology. Therefore, the processing speed is much better than the old credit card machine.

We also like the variety of the products they have. It means you can get everything that you need from them. If you are planning to add the payment system from a customer’s phone, the mobile type is the best choice. As for you who run a business that visits your customer location, the portable or transportable will help you a lot. Moreover, for a self-service type store, the unattended unit will improve the transaction process efficiency significantly.

In general, those two are the best choices of all similar products you can find on the market. The Verifone product has a variety that covers all business types that you have. It reaches more business than other types. As for the clover credit card machine, it has advantages on its POS system. Clover did a magnificent job in designing that system, which changes how you provide the service to your customer. It truly gives a significant impact on your business development. You will need them to be able to survive in today’s business competition.

Why Should We Use Credit Card Machines in Our Business?

As you can see from the two types of credit card machines for the business above, they offer various features for you. However, there are also many other reasons why you should include this tool as one of your business systems.

  • Get More Customer

Many people use a credit card for their daily transactions. Therefore, having a credit card machine installed in your business is necessary. You provide the payment method that those people are familiar with. It gives them a good experience. The chance for them returning and using your service is also higher that way. They could also become your loyal customer because of this simple decision.

  • Faster Transaction Process

The transaction process will become much faster. Thus, you can easily manage the income and spending in your store because of this faster system. Furthermore, you also can use the mobile credit card machine to shorten up the transaction process by approaching the customer with the ready-to-use payment tool. Everything is much easier and faster. You also can use the time you have more efficiently.

  • Good Marketing Tool

One of the reasons people use a credit card is not only its simplicity. They also like to use it because the credit card company offers them various bonuses and rewards when they use it. Therefore, your business also can use this condition to market your service. They will not hesitate to use their credit card on your business service/products to get the bonuses that they aimed for.

Things to Consider

Indeed, having a credit card machine in your business brings so many benefits, especially if you use the two best credit card machines we recommended. However, you also should consider and think about it thoroughly before buying the unit and apply for its service.

First of all, do you have enough budget to pay for its maintenance? You should pay for its frequent service to keep it working without problem. You also have to provide a budget for its accessories, such as credit card machine paper for printing the payment receipt.

Furthermore, the subscription fee from its provider also is another thing you should consider. And, if you think you can afford all of them, you don’t have to hesitate to get this product. The cost of purchasing the machine and service fee is varying for each provider. However, you should at least prepare around $70 to $600 for the terminal and the service fee.  

The transaction fees from the credit card service provider are also something you should calculate before buying one unit of this payment terminal. Mostly, they take 2-3 percent of the payment amount with the credit card they issued.

If you run a business that makes a lot of profit, that amount may be nothing to you. However, for a small business or newly-founded business, that amount could be huge for your financial condition. You may use that fee for developing your business. Therefore, before you buy and use the service, you should consider your financial situation first. Then, you’ll know when you should get a credit card machine for a small business.

One more important thing! You also should open a merchant account at the bank. Without this account, you can’t use the credit card terminal. So, visit the bank that you can trust and use for your financial needs. Then, create that account to use the device on your business.


It is not just a tool. A credit card machine is an important element for every business in the modern era. It brings many benefits and matches with today’s customer habits and needs. Therefore, you may have to put this product on the top priority list of your business plan from the beginning.

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