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8 Steps for Credit Card Apply Online, Follow Them for Higher Chances to be Accepted

Credit card apply online, is it possible to do? In this digital era, you can almost do anything online. It is starting from shopping to applying for a job. In terms of finance, many banks also have provided their online services. They also provide their own apps to enable you to do online transactions.

So, how is it about applying for a credit card online? Of course, it should be an easy thing too. You only need to make sure that your bank has provided this service. Some banks are even cooperating with other merchants to ease the customers more. They compete to give the best and the easiest service so that the customers can be much more loyal. Generally, here are some steps to apply for a credit card online.

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Gain Information

Although the general steps of the credit card application can be very similar from one to another, there must be some details that are different. Some banks may require you only provide your bank account book and identity card. Meanwhile, some others can have more requirements including your photo and credit points of loans. Therefore, the very first thing you should do is gaining as much information as possible.

You can go to the official website of your bank. If you already have a bank account, it is much better for sure. There is only one step to get your credit card. But if you still don’t have it, it means that you must create your account first. You should not worry since a bank account registration can also be done online. In case the bank you have been registered with doesn’t provide this service, well, it means you must go to the bank directly and get the account.

Check the Website or App to Apply for Credit Card

After finding information whether, on the website or the app, it is not bad to check the page of the website or app to apply for the credit card. It is to know other information you probably need. To enter the app, you may need to submit data like your bank account and password or PIN. If you don’t have an online account, create it as soon as possible. It can be really beneficial anyway.

Go to the menu of the credit card application. Yes, you may have not provided any related documents. Why you should check the app or menu on this step is just to know further information about the application. Aside from checking documents and other requirements, you can check details like the size of photos and other documents to upload.


Provide Related Documents

While reading information related to how the bank allows you to make a credit card online, you should take note of the documents to provide. This way, you will not spend too much time going back to the website because of forgetting something. Some documents commonly needed are the identity card, formal photo, bank account, copy of credit points, and more.

Since you want to apply for the credit card online, it means that all the documents must be in online forms also. This way, you must scan if those documents are still in the form of hard copies. Scanning is better via a real scanner for sure. But if you don’t have it, you can use a mobile app for scanning. Mobile scanners are widely available in the app store. When scanning, set the document to make the soft file version readable. It must not be the HD one. Follow the instructions regarding what size the document should be. Save all the documents in one folder to make it easier in finding them.

Go Back to the Credit Card Menu on Website or App

Next, it is time to go back to the credit card apply online menu on the website or app. There are some options available and you can choose the option to apply for a credit card. Some bank websites may ask you to follow some instructions. One of them is choosing the type of credit card you want. It is starting from the limit, promotions, rewards, and more.

As a suggestion, you must choose one of the options in which the details are in line with your financial conditions. A credit card with a low limit is not bad at all. It is even much better than choosing the high limit one that gives you a chance to make more credits. Of course, the bank must offer you a high limit since it becomes more beneficial for them. Undeniably, you indeed should not be easily tempted by credit card offers if you really want to manage your money wisely.


Get Descriptions of the Credit Card

After choosing the credit card type, the ‘result’ commonly comes out. The result has some descriptions such as the interest to pay, benefits of using this type. You can read it carefully to ensure yourself if this will be the best credit card to have. If you think it is really good, tap or click ‘choose’ or ‘Apply Now’ and go to the next step. It means you have decided and you cannot go back to the previous page.

Submit Data

The next step of how to apply for credit card online is submitting data. There is an online form to submit your identity such as the name, address, phone number, email, identity card number, and so on. Make sure to submit all the data carefully so that there is nothing different from your documents.

One of the data commonly asked is your monthly salary or income. Sure, what to submit must be valid since it determines whether your application will be accepted or not. How if your monthly incomes are different or always change? Instead of calculating the average incomes, it is recommended to submit the minimum payment. It is to avoid risks like you cannot pay the installment later because it is higher than your minimum income.


Upload Documents

Some apps or bank websites may provide a space for uploading on the same page as the data submission. Meanwhile, on some other sites, you must tap ‘next’ first for this step. Well, after entering the page, submit documents you have prepared before. Check your internet stability is recommended so that you will not spend too much time on this page.

After uploading, check the document readability if it is possible. It is to make sure your documents are ready well to ease the process of selection. If all the things are good without problems, go to the next page by clicking the button ‘next’ or ‘done’. It means you have done the application for the credit card. On the next page, there is commonly further information on what you must do next. Well, it is waiting for the notification from the bank whether your application is accepted or not.

Notifications from the Bank

Both possibilities, if it is accepted or not, you will get notifications. They can be in the form of SMS or email. No matter the result, you should contact the bank to make sure the notification is real and to know what to do next. The administrator may inform you whether to get the credit card in the bank or it will be sent to you via courier. But if your application is not accepted, don’t worry. You can try for the next credit card apply online later.

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